Günther Hauschildt, Painter

The paintings were never created in haste. After initially creating surreal works, the artist then diversified to predominantly more realistic paintings, showing mostly Berlin city landscapes and morbid old trams. A mysterious interrelation between technology and nature, he held firm detail in oil, to open the view of the brittle charm of transience.

With oil paint he creates a seemingly photographic world of images. Everything is reproduced with great precision, the rusting and almost overgrown trams as well as the crumbly plaster on the facade of the house walls. This appears to be the surface but the contents of Hauschildt’s images rather lie behind it.

It is not the beautiful, ideal world, which is presented in the paintings of the artist but with cryptic humor he points out problems. There is a thoughtful and amusing atmosphere to be discovered by the observer in Hauschildt’s world of pictures if the viewer takes some time.

Already in 1993 the Newspaper “Berliner Tagesspiegel“ wrote: If you look more precisely, you will find in most works a kind of joke which corresponds with the silence of the motives being represented in an unspectacular way. Günther Hauschildt lets his pictures fulfill one of the most beautiful tasks of art: to watch closely and think about it.

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